When I wrote my book, First, Best, or Different, I included a chapter on the importance of blogging. Little did I know at the time that blogging would become the core of own book marketing effort. Indulge me as I tell you about my own blogging story.

Back in August of 2006 I wrote my first blog at the suggestion of my web designer Greg. He encouraged me by saying that it could help my website’s page ranking and that blogs were becoming very popular. So, I gave it try. I carefully proofread my first article and hit the “publish now” key. Off it went and nothing happened. I wrote a second blog and then a third. Same results. I told all my friends that I was now a blogger. They said, “That’s great,” and then they changed the subject. I encouraged them to read and subscribe to my blog. Almost no one did. I couldn’t get my own family to read it.

Call me stubborn, but I kept on writing and blogging. I wrote on topics that I thought my book readers would like and I made sure that I was blogging five times a week. It felt like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it out to sea. I wasn’t sure if anyone would ever read them.

In a few weeks (maybe five or six actually), I did a Google search for my website firstbestordifferent.com and I found it on the first page of the search results! Before the blog, my website was no where to be found since I had done no search engine optimization. I then did a search for John Bradley Jackson (I know this must sound vain) and I found myself! Hey, Mom, your son is an internet celebrity, or almost.

This was all the positive reinforcement that I needed. I kept on blogging. Now it is eight months later and the results are incredible. My little blog is now read by thousands of readers around the world and many are subscribers. I have created a brand for my book and for myself as a thought leader on the subjects of marketing, sales, and negotiation. My website, my name, and my articles are linked to hundreds of other websites. I have been asked to speak at numerous corporate events and my book’s first printing looks like a sell out. All this because I blogged.

Maybe you should consider a blog, too.

John Bradley Jackson
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  1. John,

    Great article on blogging. I am looking forward to reading the book.

    Don’t forget your offer to hand deliver a signed copy.


  2. Scott,

    I am blog convert.

    It is amazing how this communication tool drives people to your website.

    The book is on the way.


  3. John,

    Having just discovered all the possibilities in blogging, I am trying my hand at it with my new venture – Time Defenders (a Personal Concierge company). My plan is for it to gain me recognition and credibility that will help me develop into an expert in various areas. This topic should definitely be covered in entrepreneurship courses.

    Happy blogging,


  4. Pattie,

    That new business will have a special segmentation: wealthy people with no time who will outsource the day to day. I think referrals will be your best sales pitch. A website with a blog could help, but I also presume your biz would be local only. Networking to get access the right people will be key.


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