The BirdDog Group

Experience. Connections. Credibility.

“As an owner of a small business, The BirdDog Group’s philosophy about selling with integrity and trust really hit home with me. Successful niche marketing clearly requires a candid dialog between the customer and the entrepreneur.” —Bruce Welch, President, Stellar Engineering Inc.

Jackson’s consulting firm is called The BirdDog Group.

The BirdDog Group is a full-service marketing and sales consulting firm with locations in Orange County. We offer a wide range of services including global sales representation, website services, strategic marketing consulting, and training services.

The BirdDog Group was established in 2001 to help firms gain better exposure in the North American marketplace. Our services quickly expanded to include the European and Asian markets to provide worldwide sales coverage.

The BirdDog Group is dedicated to helping small to medium-sized businesses be more successful. We provide hands-on help through on-site training, seminars, telephone coaching, and in-person consulting.

Our mission is to help our customers build better businesses by marketing with integrity and honesty, while delivering high-value solutions to their target markets.

The three biggest complaints we hear are that:

    1. Businesses don’t know how to market effectively to gain new prospects and brand their company.
    1. Business owners and executives think it is going to cost them an arm and a leg to hire the help they need to market their business and often waste money on useless marketing tactics and advertising campaigns.
  1. Growing businesses are too busy to consistently market their offerings – things get postponed until later and never get done.

If this is you, then we have the solution you need.

We offer consulting services to…

  • Business plan development from the ground up including executive summaries, marketing plans, operational plans, and financial plans.
  • Build your marketing and business foundation through strategic consulting and planning so you know exactly what to do and how to do it.
  • Help you develop long-term strategic plans along with creative tactical methods to deliver the results that you need.
  • Brand your company through building credibility, visibility, and consistency of message which drives more prospects your way, builds rapport and trust, and dramatically reduces the sales cycle.
  • Launch your new business or product/service effectively into an overcrowded marketplace so you stand out and build a customer base.