A Couple More Things about Blogging

Based on my last article about blogging, it is obvious that I am a big believer in this exciting new method of communication; it is a great way to create a unique dialog with your customers and prospects (and whoever else reads it). The branding benefits can be extraordinary and a blog can dramatically impact on your website traffic.

But, before you launch your own blog please consider the following things:

1. Make sure that you have all the website essentials already completed. This would include all aspects of optimizing your website including keywords, Meta tags, linking with other sites, etc.
2. Pay-per-click advertising is also a great way to target your customer; it gives immediate access and feedback without breaking the bank.
3. Does your target audience read blogs? Certainly younger demographics do, along with the technology crowd. Grandma and Grandpa? I am not sure if they blog yet.
4. Is there a need for this type of forum in your industry? I think the answer would be yes for most industries, but there may be some commodity businesses when a discussion is not really needed.
5. If your blog is public (and really, that is the only reason to do this anyway), will you be comfortable airing issues with your customers? This could include praise and criticism. Blogs comments can be edited or deleted, by the way.
6. Make sure that you are up for the commitment of routinely writing or it will not be worth your time. Blogs must be refreshed frequently to be useful.

Blog on dude.

John Bradley Jackson
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