Need a quick way to communicate the company mission? Then consider a mantra.

Traditionally, a mantra is a sacred syllable, phrase, or verse associated with deep meditation or prayer. Applied to people and organizations, mantras help people focus on what is important.

A mantra is three to four words about why your firm exits. No Shakespeare is needed. In fact, plain English is required (please, no business speak about “core competencies” or “strategic collaboration”). Your mantra should be immediately understood by the guys down in shipping as well as the board members.

My mantra for this blog is “Niche Marketing Demsytified”.

What is your mantra?

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  1. Tom

    What is the difference between a manta and a vision statement?



  2. Tom


    A vision statement describes how things should be in the future; it describes an ideal situation.

    A mantra is a few words that describe your purpose; it is more like a mission statement than a vision statement.


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