If you have a website it must be optimized to be useful. This means that your website must be designed to be found by the major search engines, especially Google.

While search engine optimization (SEO) is a fuzzy term with many definitions, you need to do the following for six things:

1) Keywords- These are the words, terms, and phases that your customers use to describe you and your business when conducting a search. These keywords are sought by the major search engines, which use robotic software called “spiders”. Spiders crawl around the internet 24/7 looking for keywords to assist people in their searches. Google AdWords can be added to your website to help the spiders find your website content. You can go directly to Google to do this, or you can seek out an SEO consultant to help you.

2) Meta Tags- These are HTML “names” that describe the content of each page on your website. Search engines hunt and record meta tag names and locations to allow for quick searches. Your web designer can help you build-in these “street numbers” to insure good traffic to your site.

3) Pay Per Click- These are internet advertisements (generally text ads) located near the search results. Located off to the right on a Google search with lots of white space, these ads get the visitor’s attention. When the visitor clicks on the advertisement, the advertiser is billed. This works and is very cost effective.

4) Reciprocal Links- These are links with other similar sites that have agreed to post your link, if you post theirs. This creates more traffic for your site and makes it easier for the search engines to find you. Again, this is very simple and it works.

5) Your site must have lot of content that is relevant to the searches that people make. Nothing is more important or keeps people coming back than content.

6) Be sure to respond to the blogs on other sites (particularly, the well-read or famous blogs); leave a track-back to your site.

These six SEO actions are a must do if you want people to find your website.

John Bradley Jackson
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