Some people will tell you that niche marketing can be like jungle warfare and that you must conduct battle like a “guerrilla soldier.” You may have heard the term “guerrilla marketing” used by others. Admittedly, this is a powerful image but I believe that this paramilitary characterization puts the focus on the wrong parties: you and your competition.

Niche marketing is about the needs of the customer, while having little to do with your fight with the competition. The essence of niche marketing is the partnership that is created between you and your target market segment. The best niche markets are populated by customers that have been overlooked or under-served by the competition.

The entrepreneur creates intimacy with the target market by intensely listening to the problems and issues of the customers. By investing this quality time with the customers, you become expert at solving their problems and you build a product that gives them what they need and could not get.

Your reward is customer loyalty and referrals; often you get higher prices, too. Your competition is not even on the radar.

Make love, not war.

John Bradley Jackson
© Copyright 2008 All rights reserved.

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