It is sales legend that it costs far less money to keep an existing customer than it does to find a new one. Customers that have bought from you in the past are likely to buy again and represent your best leads. Thus, staying in touch with these folks is a must do for any business and direct mail is one of the best ways stay in contact.

Here are a few tips on maintaining relationships with direct mail:

– Direct mail to your customers frequently. Monthly may be too often, but a quarterly mailing is reasonable. Update them on new products, price changes, service reminders, and special events. Treat them as “insiders” who deserve to know about these things first (I.E. ahead of your prospects).
– Keep their addresses updated. This information changes frequently and direct mail is a great way to “ferret out” this new information. Always ask for email addresses and phone numbers.
– Refresh your direct mailer design. Customers know what your mailers look like, so beware of sending the same message or same look too often. A new look for your direct mailer can complement a new message.
– Personalize the mailer whenever possible. Handwrite a note on the mailer or include a post-it with a few words. Make the customer feel special.
– Always include your website address on the mailer along with your other contact info.

Research shows that direct mail remains a cost effective way to connect with clients. Email is terrific, but a multi-media strategy works better; this can include direct mail, email, telephone, in-person meetings, public relations, and advertising. When all is said and done, there is no substitute for frequency of contact with your customers.

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