Logos tell a story about your brand. Potential customers look for a logo to tell them about the value your business will deliver. More than a first impression, a logo describes what might be. For the repeat customer, a logo talks about your firm’s consistency and commitment, while reassuring the customer that buying your product again is a smart decision.

Essentially, there are three kinds of logos: font-derived logos, image-based logos, and abstract logos. A font-based logo presents the letters from the company name in a stylish or memorable way; HP’s logo is an example. An image-based logo uses a graphic or photo image of what the company does as a visual representation of the firm; a good example of this would be a logo depicting a skier for a ski resort. Finally, an abstract logo captures the essence of the firm in an interpretive design such as the golden arches for McDonalds (yes, I suppose the arches were an “m” at one time).

A logo with ragged edges communicates excitement or daring. A logo with soft curves may be serene or feminine. Many popular logos are red and/or yellow since these colors attract attention. When these two loud colors are overdone, they can actually scream “look at me” to the customer. Orange has recently gained popularity as a logo color; it has a “retro” feel that is very stylish today.

A good logo is easily understood and memorable. A logo should comfortably fit on a business card and also work on a billboard. Always test the appeal of your logo with your target audience; make sure it tells the story you want told.

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