Red sky at morning, sailors take warning. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.

Sounds like a nursery rhyme. In times past, a red sky at dawn was a signal to seaman that the weather was changing for the worse.   This weather rhyme is centuries old. Like folklore, some myths are actually true.

A red sky at dawn means that the high-pressure air has passed and winds are likely to bring wet weather. The red sky at night, due to the setting sun reflecting off the particles in the air closest to the surface, reveals beautiful sunsets.

Like the red sky in the morning, job loss means troubling economic times are at hand, but from this turbulence emerges new ideas and new companies. It sounds cliche but new companies are often created during the recession. Out of work engineers and executives are free to invent and make life better.

Red sky at night means success is at hand.

John Bradley Jackson

© Copyright 2010

All rights reserved.

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