Tough questions: Rebounding After COVID-19

How will your company recover and rebound from the impact of COVID-19?

What must be done now to maximize your company’s performance in the months ahead?

Our CSUF student teams are ready to help assess the opportunity for your firm.

Beginning the second week of September, our Entrepreneurship students will be ready to develop comprehensive strategies for you to move on from the pandemic and figure out ways to maximize profits as the marketplace recovers.

This could include marketing, finance, operations and human capital.

Each consulting engagement comes with a team of four to six students.

They work with their clients over the course of the semester, which will focus on the development of a comprehensive strategic plan.

Each of these engagements comes with a fee that is used to support the CSUF Entrepreneurship program at Cal State Fullerton.

We will get through this crisis and it will be business leaders like you who will help our country recover.

If you are interested in finding out how your business can benefit from working with one of our CSUF Consulting student teams, please respond to this now.


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