To Whom it May Concern

I have been thinking a lot about you since we last met. You are truly a wonderful person and I am honored to know you. I know that you have some tough choices to make.

Some choices are black and white, but many are just shades of gray because we don’t have perfect information about the future. I admit that there is more uncertainty in the air than I can ever recall. I cannot change that and nor can you.

Some choices are life changing such as is this the career for me? Is this the person that I should marry? Others seem almost trivial such should I get an Android Phone or an iPhone? Should I have fish or pasta for dinner?

Yet, these choices are for you to make. It can be a lonely feeling when you are undecided. Of course, you could choose to do nothing and let things take their course. But, that is not your way.

You are not on this planet by accident; rather, you have an unique purpose that must be discovered and embraced. You must live that mission with intention. Your professional and personal potential has no limits that I can see — you just need to choose what is right for you.

When I am faced with a tough choice, I like to pretend to make the decision and then I sit with the “outcome” for a while. Candidly, I like to do this before going to bed at night and I let my mind dream away about it. The next morning I check in with myself to see how I feel about the decision. More often than not, things are clear in the morning.

Another decision making tool that I use is to write about what the future will be like after I make the choice. I find that if I can write it down, I can generally go do it. If I struggle to write about it, then that choice may not be right for me or I am not ready for it.

Good luck. I know that you will choose wisely.

John Bradley Jackson
Entrepreneur, Professor, Author
Deja New Marketing
© Copyright 2011

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