“Our value proposition is leveraged on our legacy-system-enabled protocols which provide strategic global connectivity. It is our goal to maximize shareholder value while being proactive, cost efficient, customer-centric, and quality driven.”

Huh? What did you say? When I hear words like this my eyes glaze over and I don’t listen. I bet that I am not alone. How about you?

It is clear that there is an epidemic of business “double talk” out there and it has got to stop. The English language is under assault by smarmy business executives, confused sales reps, and over zealous advertising agencies. This practice is lazy and cheap. The buzz-words and business clichés don’t communicate, so why bother?

The solution is simple: say and write what you mean.

As far as those others who might destroy the English language, I recommend that you have a little fun. Next someone tells you that they are “committed to excellence,” ask them what they mean by that? Expect an awkward pause followed by tap dancing.

John Bradley Jackson
© Copyright 2006 All rights reserved.
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