Given the many options for new products and new ventures, why not create an offering that solves a problem or relieves a pain for your customer—a problem that the customer wants to fix right away.

When people have headaches they reach for aspirin or other pain relievers. The need is clear and immediate. The value proposition is pain relief (I.E. no more headaches). Price is not an issue. Just get me the pill!

Vitamins are different. The need to purchase generally needs to be created and marketed. The purchase can always be done later or not at all. Vitamins are nice to have but are not really needed.

When contemplating new ventures or new products, stick with solutions that address known problems or real issues. The time to market is much quicker, the selling is easier, and the cost of promotion is far less.

Thus, the likelihood of success is greater than when selling vitamins.

John Bradley Jackson

© Copyright 2010

All rights reserved.

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