While just surviving may be a first priority for many businesses today, the “new normal” in 2010 also presents an unique opportunity for growth and profitability.

Businesses with a vision of new growth and profits will need to nurture entrepreneurship and create an environment that offers room for creativity and innovation. Business leadership has the opportunity to provide the freedom and resources to employees so that they can explore new work processes, solutions, and markets.

The catalyst for this change is creativity — almost childlike in its simplicity, creativity needs the room to blossom and flourish. Linus Pauling once said, “that one must endeavor to come up with many ideas — then discard the useless ones”.

To be creative you have to go a little crazy and empty the toy box on floor. Go ahead and make a mess (despite the warnings of your parents). Play with the ideas. Explore. Have fun. Dream.

For many of us, that means walking around the barriers that our organizations have built and worshiped for many years. Just past these old barriers you will find the hope of entrepreneurship and the joy of creativity.

John Bradley Jackson
© Copyright 2010 All rights reserved.

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