Research indicates that mobile devices are being adopted at a rate of 3-4 times that of PCs globally. What’s the big deal you ask?

In a nutshell, we are witnessing a disruptive technology on a global scale. An edge that developed countries have held for the past decade (or longer) has been the ownership and usage of the PC and the web for the distribution of information. The third world could not play this game since they could not afford it.

With the low cost of mobile devices and the flood of information now delivered by them, the gap between developed countries and the third world closes overnight. The implications are staggering. In particular, the role of media changes dramatically.

With mobile device usage so common place, advertisers and social media can reach over 6 billion people. Local or national brands can morph into global empires. Are you still making fun of Twitter and Facebook? Think again.

Oh yeah — one more thing. The jobs will follow the mobile device usage. This means that income and wealth will be redistributed globally.

John Bradley Jackson

© Copyright 2010

All rights reserved.

Source: Neilson and Cambridge Group

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