As many of you know, I have been a big fan of article marketing as a way to position yourself as a thought leader while creating some great publicity. I softened this position about a year ago when Google started making deductions to site rank for duplicate content.

In the old days (about two years ago), an easy way to boost your website rank was to publish articles with article directory services like The directory services sell your article to ezines which create multiple locations for your article. If you distributed your articles to multiple article directory services, you multiplied the impact. Your website rank would then go through the roof. Unfortunately, Google inadvertently squashed this practice in an effort to penalize site owners who steal content from other sites.

While I use other organic SEO tools such as blogging and links, article marketing is still a very viable tool. For example, I just got a report from for the life time views of my articles on their site (not including the sites that they sell to). This report showed that I have received over 156,000 views of my articles, which is effectively the number of “click throughs” or people who have read my articles.

In fact, I had one article called “Product Positioning Strategies” which secured 21, 516 views! Each those views included a call to action to visit my site. Many did.

If you like to write, article marketing is free and effective. Try it out.

John Bradley Jackson
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