Google is the big dog of search on the web. No other firm really counts. Here is why.

ComScore, a leading score keeper on the web, just released its tabulation of the U.S. search marketplace. According to ComScore, “In September 2009, Americans conducted 13.8 billion core searches, with Google Sites accounting for 64.9 percent search market share. In September 2009 there were over 13.8 billion searches.”

What this means to website owners is that the other search engines don’t really matter. To be found on the web, you need to build a website that is Google friendly. In the search engine optimization community, SEO experts jokingly suggest that websites need lots of “spider food” to feed the hungry search engines and to keep them coming back for more.

Spider food includes inbound links, SEO copy, proper tagging, searchable URLs, and lots of fresh, original content. Google spiders can never get enough to eat and their tastes can change. Beware of offering the same menu as last year.

Remember that only Google matters when it comes to search.

John Bradley Jackson
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