1. Use plain English to describe why you are sending your email. Don’t be devious or deceptive.
2. Subject lines should not mislead or unnecessarily tease. Be truthful.
3. Do not buy or rent email lists; few list makers legitimately follow opt-in practices.
4. Don’t sell your own lists. They opted-in to your website not others.
5. Your reply address must always be functioning and valid.
6. Be sure to send messages only to those who have “opted-in”.
7. Be sure to confirm everything by e-mail. This includes opt-in, opt-out, orders, shipping, and taxes.
8. Post a privacy policy for your website and live by it.
9. E-mail messages should have only one topic or message. Keep it simple.
10. When someone opts out, respond immediately and remove them from your list.

John Bradley Jackson
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