Successful e-mail marketing campaigns start with well written, relevant, and timely copy; technology is great but the words will provide the value to the reader.

Great writing requires great proofreading which is extremely hard work (you can trust me on this one since it is very hard for me). One tip on proofreading your own writing is to read it aloud. This helps you catch dropped words and mistakes. Another method is to have someone else proof your copy. Remember to run a “spell check”.

Timeliness is critical to effective e-mail marketing messages. Current events or news references can add timeliness to a campaign. For example, a reference to the rising cost of gasoline or the price of oil might add timeliness to an e-mail from an auto parts retailer.

Another must for writing better e-mail marketing campaigns is to speak the readers’ language—this includes jargon, tone, and content. If you are addressing CEOs, be sure to write like a CEO. This might mean using to-the-point (almost blunt) language with bullets and a clear call to action since CEOs are busy and direct.

Include value in the e-mail copy itself. Give the reader a tip or advice that they can use right away. Don’t make them fill out a form to get it. Relationships are based on reciprocity so start it off with a digital gift such as a free e-book.

How about this? Respond with a comment on this blog and I will forward you a free e-book called “The Power of Article Marketing” by Timothy Gorman.

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  1. I just hired a proofreader to review our three company websites and although there was only one spelling error, there were a number of consistency errors and items that didn’t flow properly. As a direct marketing agency, it’s imperative our work is perfect, otherwise, how could our clients trust us to do a good job for them? I also agree with you regarding the tone of the message. It’s the same as in a personal sales call where you may reflect similar postures and take leads from your prospects language and demeanor.

    I’d love to see the free e-book. Thanks!


  2. Kareena

    As a former speech coach, I could never stress enough to my students how important it was to know your audience. Whether it is a speech or an email, it must be made appropriate for your listener/reader. Bullets are also a bonus. When I see bullets, it increases my chances of reading not just the bullets, but the whole thing if I know I can get through it quick. Also, everyone loves free stuff! Thats why we push and shove for free key chains and other miscellaneous promo items. Reciprocity is a wonderful thing!

  3. Zack,

    Having a third party such a professional proofreader review your website is a very smart idea.

    Your free e-book is on the way!


  4. Kareena,

    Bullets are an application of the “rule of thirds” from art and design. It helps the reader focus and it is visually pleasing.

    Your free e-book is on the way!


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