Many people cling to an old fashioned notion that the web is easy and cheap. The new reality is that the web is hard and expensive.

The first goal of a website is to be found and that means building a website that is optimized for search. With Google commanding a 70% share of the search market, the only thing that really matters in search is pleasing Google.

Those beautiful flash-based websites of two years ago are now almost worthless, if you want your customers to find you with key words. Google sees a flash page as a blank page. Instead, Google wants key word rich text and lots of it.

What Google really loves is SEO copy. SEO (search engine optimization) copy needs to be written by an SEO engineer who is also a journalist. Gone are the days of the website owner writing his or her own copy —- to be competitive on the web now requires special writing skills that only a search engine could love.

Gone are the days when your brother in law could design your website over a weekend. Being found on the web today now means appearing in the first three pages of an organic search; page four almost doesn’t get opened. Your brother in law cannot help you anymore.

You now need an SEO savvy web team that understands search and can continually optimize your site for search. Be prepared. Being competitive on the web is now hard and expensive.

John Bradley Jackson
© Copyright 2010 All rights reserved.

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