The best advice I ever received was to slow down.

Like many rookie sales people, I was anxious for success—so I worked harder and faster than everyone else. While I hit my numbers easily, I also ran out of people and companies to call. Also, I was exhausted.

Watching me with amusement was an older, battle scarred salesman named John Randall. In contrast to my frantic pace was his peaceful approach to selling—nothing seemed to phase him and he was never in a hurry. Yes, he hit his numbers year after year.

One day when he saw that wild-eyed look on my face, he pulled me aside for cup of coffee. “Slow down or you might miss something”. Then he walked away.

Not sure of exactly what he meant, I went back to work and tried to slow down. I found that by slowing down I was making few errors in my proposals. When I slowed down, I listened more and talked less. When I did things slower I felt more in control. By slowing down I sold more.

As Master Kan said in the TV series Kung Fu, “Slow down Grasshopper”.

John Bradley Jackson
© Copyright 2009 All rights reserved.

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