For you “brick and mortar types”, the sign on the front of your building or store is the first impression you make with your customers. Make sure that is a positive one by adhering to the following rules:

Make sure that the name on your sign is the name of your business. I went into a restaurant the other day called “Luigi’s” for some pasta; it turned out to be British Pub. They had just opened and had not change the sign yet. Go figure.

Your sign needs to be consistent with your brand image including font, color, and design; it should match your stationary, brochures, and business cards.

It should be readable from the street; if the letters are too small or if the sign is too intricate to read, what good is it?

If have a tagline on the sign that says open 24 hours, make sure that you stay open 24 hours (I stopped at a 24 hour coffee shop recently to discover that it was closed).

For the highest impact, your sign should be lighted at night. Routinely check the light bulbs, since burned out light bulbs will reflect poorly on your business (no pun intended).

The best colors for a sign are red and yellow, since they attract your eye better than other colors.

Clean your sign periodically so it shines.

John Bradley Jackson
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