Article marketing is one of the best ways to optimize your website, create new sales leads, and to garner new publicity. The really good news is that it is free and relatively easy (OK, it does take some time and a few brain cells).

If you are not familiar with article marketing, it is the process of writing short (250-500 word) feature articles for the web that are posted on Internet magazines, commonly called e-zines. You may recall doing a search when you entered in some key words on a subject of interest and found these informative articles written by subject matter experts. At the end of the article was a byline with the author’s name and an URL for you to click on for more information.

There are many benefits to on-line article marketing. Articles are sticky; once an article is accepted on an e-zine website, it can stay listed for months or years. When your articles are posted on numerous e-zine websites, the search engine spiders pick this up; this sends your website ranking sky high the organic way (i.e. no fees!). By writing the article you are positioned as a subject matter expert, which creates sales leads coming to you instead of you chasing them.

The articles themselves tend to be “all about” or “how to” summaries about a specific topic; think niche and be specific. Article readers are looking for help with a problem or they want to learn more about a subject. Remember, the article is not an advertisement, although the author gets credit.

Articles can be submitted directly to e-zines that cover your topic, or you can submit to article submission websites that will route them for you. The submission websites have rules of engagement for the articles such word length, topic, and style, but they can be a very efficient way to distribute your article.

My own success with article marketing may be the best example that I can offer of how article marketing works. I have posted over 100 articles on the web using this method over the past 18 months and the results are astounding. Just about every day I hear from people who have read my articles—they buy my book, ask me to speak at events, ask me to consult, or just want to get to know me. I owe this all to article marketing.

Give article marketing a try. It is a great way to get your message out to your target market.

John Bradley Jackson
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