A great way to create and explore new ideas is to brainstorm with a group people. A diverse group has the ability to run with an individual idea, while adding depth and texture that an individual may miss. Groups are also good at creating a large volume of ideas; some ideas may be absurd while others could be practical.

Here are the steps in a team based brainstorming session:

– Name a group leader to facilitate but not dictate; the facilitator should lead but not participate.

– Establish a goal or describe a problem to be the subject. Be specific.

– Put a boundary around the activity to maintain the focus.

– Stay positive. Brainstorming needs positive feedback only.

– Crazy ideas are cool as are the mundane.

– Encourage everyone to participate. This technique tends to favor extroverts. Yet, introverts may have the better ideas. Draw them out.

– Keep it fast paced and fun. A time limit might add some excitement.

– Don’t dwell on an individual thought too long. Keep the pace fast.

– Write it down. Analyze it later.

John Bradley Jackson
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