Are you feeling adrift in the “new right-sized economy”? Are you tired of hearing that all decisions are frozen and that all new projects are on hold?

It is easy to get caught up in the dark abyss of the current negativity trumpeted by the print and online media, radio, and TV. So, what do you about it?

First, let’s acknowledge that this economic downturn is real at the macroeconomic level. Yes, nationwide unemployment is up, real estate prices are sinking, and stock portfolios are down.

Still, macroeconomic theory has little to do with you and me. I had a boss who used to tell me that averages are meaningless to the individual. He would say, “Your head can be in the oven and your feet can be in the freezer and on average you are just fine”. What this means is that you either have a job or you don’t—a national unemployment statistic means little to you and me.

Here are a few tips to better cope with our new economy and the “trash talking” that comes with it:

1. Carefully plan each day. Start the day with your calendar and your “to do” list. Decide what is important and focus on the important things first.
2. Schedule time for joyful activities and rest. You deserve it.
3. Call an old friend everyday. Reconnecting will be stimulating and you might find an opportunity just because you reached out. LinkedIn and Facebook are great, but nothing beats a live conversation with a human being.
4. Focus on the future and the life you want to live. Write it down. Tell others about your dreams.
5. Turn off CNN, talk radio, and other sources of negativity. Instead, listen to inspirational music. Or, read a good book.
6. Hang out with positive people. Pass on social engagements with people that bring you down.
7. If you are feeling down, take a break. This is not a good time to make decisions. Instead, go for a walk or ride your bike. Break the negative cycle.
8. Give freely to others. Your gift of your time will help others and they will remember you for it. The other rewards will come later—trust me on that one.

John Bradley Jackson
© Copyright 2009 All rights reserved.

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  1. John, Thanks for following… glad [local] optimistic entrepreneurs can find one another. I liked your “Adrift” blog; have you extended it to the steps that businesspeople must take? We are working on it so stay attached! And from our site, please click through and sign on the Goodbye Bottom petition. Let’s get more optimism in action.

  2. Anonymous

    I guess the first step is to recognize the problem then the solution will follow.


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