People buy products and services for their differences, not because they are the same as everything else. This also applies to your website. The proliferation of websites has raised the bar when it comes to making your customer experience unique and meaningful.

Although all good websites must have the same basic things such as up-to-date content and ease of use, the similarities should stop there. After you deliver the basics, you need to make your website different.

Consider adding the following unique elements to your website:

1. Start with an eye catching header. Know that the colors of your header communicate your website’s theme or mood. This may be the first contact with your brand, so make sure the image is consistent with the message that you want to communicate. I recommend having the header professionally designed.
2. Consider adding video clips to your site. Digital video is now easy to create by yourself; it can add a personal touch to your site. If done by you, it can add a warm, homemade feel, even if it is amateurish in style. Alternatively, some B2B sites might need the production values of a professionally done video with narration (this is not cheap).
3. Even easier than adding video is the addition of audio clips. Once again the software is free and all you need is a microphone and something to say. Like the homemade video, the self-made audio clip can add a very personal touch.
4. Add a blog to your website. Blog software is free and is an easy addition to your website. It is an efficient way to add fresh content to your website since blogging does not require the help of the web designer. It is also one of the best ways to communicate personally with your customers.
5. Forums provide a community for your customers to exchange ideas with each other. Again the software is free and easy to add to your site. Forums can be self monitoring, but since it is your site I recommend you edit it. Forums give your customer another reason to visit your site.
6. How about live chat on your website? This can provide answers to your customers’ questions. Consider it an instant message system for all your customers. It can be a great way to provide “after the sale” support and it can build credibility for your firm.

These additions can help make your customer website experience unique and memorable while differentiating your site from the others.

John Bradley Jackson
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