One way to build awareness with your customer is to advertise in unusual places, especially places where you don’t expect to see advertisements.

I was traveling the other day and went through security at LAX airport. As I placed my PC in the plastic tray, I was surprised to see an advertisement for a major office supply chain. Very clever I thought. Note to self: I need a new printer cartridge.

Not long ago I heard a knock at the front door of my home. When I opened it, no one was there, but there was a container of salt on my doorstep. Unique to this salt container was a label with the smiling face of my local realtor, along with his contact information. I promptly put the salt in my cupboard. Of course, I see it every single day and I suppose that I will continue to see his smiling face for many months to come.

This morning I picked up the newspaper and found a sample of Starbucks coffee stuffed inside in the paper’s protective plastic bag; of course, I immediately made a pot of coffee. The coffee tasted great and I liked the price: free. Those Starbucks folks are pretty darn smart.

The novel placement of these ads got my attention. And that is what it is all about.

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