We may live in an extroverted world, but it is becomingly increased geared toward introverts. While both personality styles have their strengths, extroverts have had greater advantages in many fields, especially business, because of their outgoing and sociable natures. We want our children to be gregarious and assertive, not shy and quiet. Yet this inward locus of control can serve introverts well.

Introverted individuals are analytical and observant. They take the time to think before they speak, and notice subtle details. They are have superior risk-awareness, and can create meaningful and close relationships with others.

The February 6, 2012, Time magazine article “The Upside of Being an Introvert — And Why Extroverts are Overrated”, describes the United States as the “land of the loud and home of the talkative.” Our culture values being bold, talkative, and action-oriented, but as the times change, so will our values.

Maybe they already have. According to Wharton Business psychologist Adam Grant, introverts have a style of leadership that works best with employees who are empowered and independent-minded. Extroverted leaders work better with people who take orders easily.

As business continues to move toward valuing creativity and innovation, introverted leaders may have several advantages. The Time article says introverts possess a better capacity for listening than most extroverts, and have a powerful ability to accurately assess risk and remain focused. These are valuable skills in a leader.

While introverts are more prone to anxiety and depression, they are also often highly creative and self-reflective. When introverts are empowered to play to their natural strengths, they can be successful in fields normally dominated by extroverts. Although most people lean toward the extrovert side of the spectrum, introverts have an important role to play in human history.

John Bradley Jackson
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