Study after study shows that people who set goals accomplish more, achieve greater success, and accumulate greater wealth than people who don’t. Read on if you agree.

Setting your sales goals for 2008 should begin with a review of how you did in 2007. Did you achieve your 2007 sales goal? If so, what went well? Ask yourself what sales techniques, marketing campaigns, or promotional strategies worked best and which might you use again in 2008?

If you missed your 2007 sales goal, ask yourself why? What didn’t work? What should you do differently or better in 2008? Were there any major uncontrollable forces that impeded your ability to hit your goal such as the economy, government regulation, or the weather? Or, was the goal unrealistic?

Such much for being analytical—it is now time to move forward.

Good goals have a few basic components:
– They must be specific and definite such as “I will sell $1,000,000.00”.
– They must be measurable such as “I will measure my success in billings”.
– Good goals are attainable and realistic, not just wishful thinking. Challenging yourself to improve is terrific but asking yourself to do the impossible is silly.
– Finally, good goals are bound by a specific time frame; for example, your could use the period that begins on 1/01/08 and ends on 12/31/08?

These goals must be put in writing and posted where you can see them such as on your office bulletin board or on your PDA. Tell your friends and colleagues about your goal and seek their assistance and feedback. Who knows? Maybe they can help you.

I suggest a monthly review of your progress as a minimum; this will keep the goal alive and allow you to take correction action if you falter.

Good luck in 2008.

John Bradley Jackson
© Copyright 2008 All rights reserved.

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