Selling on the phone can be drudgery, but this is how the money is made in sales. It all starts with a phone call. Whether you are a full-time telemarketer or CEO selling the company’s vision, the telephone is the most potent tool in the sales tool bag.

Here are ten simple rules for selling on the phone:

1. Talk the customer’s language – Talk louder, softer, faster, or slower; in effect, mimicking the client’s voice using inflections and tones where the client is most comfortable.
2. Use words that they use – This sometimes is called mirroring and helps customers feel comfortable. For some of us it happens naturally.
3. Smile when dialing- People can sense your happiness and will react positively to your positive attitude. Try looking into a mirror as you speak to see if you really look happy and, therefore, sound happy.
4. Repeat the customer’s name – This is “old school” selling. Use the customer’s name at least three times during the presentation, and you will increase your chance of selling.
5. Customer “wants” trump “needs”- Studies show that people don’t buy what they need. They tend to buy what they want. Good salespeople sell to wants before needs.
6. Keep the word “I” to a minimum – It is not about you and it is all about them. People who talk a lot usually talk about themselves and come across as being selfish and egocentric.
7. Testimonials – Use testimonials or third-hand references since they are far more believable than anything you can ever say.
8. Be polite – Always say thank you and please.
9. Be punctual – If you promise to call at 2 pm, be sure to call at 2 pm and not a minute late.
10. Listen – Ask open-ended questions. Then stop and listen.

John Bradley Jackson
© Copyright 2006 All rights reserved.

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