Thank You.

I cannot think of a more powerful phrase that is never said enough to our customers: thank you. And, it is so easy do.

Here are a few ways to tell your customers thanks:

1. Call them. Yes, you will get a voicemail, but go ahead and leave a message. Say something like, “I am calling to say thank you for your business. Your ongoing support means a lot to me. Thanks.”
2. Send a postcard with the same message next time they place an order.
3. Set up a lunch with your favorite client in appreciation of their patronage.
4. Include a post-it note on your next invoice with a handwritten note of appreciation.
5. Send an e-mail with a photo of you holding sign that says thank you.
6. Send a FedEx package with chocolates and a thank you card.
7. Make a donation to your customer’s favorite charity in their name.
8. Send flowers or a plant.
9. Send them a discount coupon for future use.
10. Send them tickets to the movies.

As your mother told you, it is the thought that counts.

Thank you to my readers!

John Bradley Jackson
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