According to the May 26, 2010 edition of Wall Street Journal, “the number of employees voluntarily quitting surpassed the number being fired or discharged for the first time since October 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Before February, the BLS had recorded more layoffs than resignations for 15 straight months, the first such streak since the bureau started tracking the data a decade ago.”

For a number of months, I have been warning both large and small employers, that they can expect a backlash from angry employees who have been planning to leave at the first opportunity. This flight will prove most apparent with talented sales people who have seen their incomes decline by up to 50 % in some industries.

Candidly, they are as mad as hell and they are not going to take it anymore — just like in the movie “Network” from long ago. Ironically, the variable sales commission plans that rewarded performance turned against the sales worker as the economy plummeted into the recent malaise. In many cases, unsympathetic employers called for sales people to work harder for less money with no relief. Many sales reps were told that they were “lucky that they had a job” and to “tough it out.”

The worm has now turned. The same unsympathetic employers now will watch their market share drop as their sales people join other firms.

John Bradley Jackson
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