From mouse pads and bottle openers to lip balm and mints, you probably have more promotional products at your home or office than you realize.  These useful items quietly advertise their parent company through logos and slogans imprinted on the objects.

Traditional promotional products can be effective, and are certainly better than nothing, but think about expanding your horizons beyond the coffee cup.

For a product that suggests innovation, technology, and an eye to the future, electronic promotional products like laser pointers, iPad cases, mp3 players, headphones, calculators, USB drives, and digital cameras may do the trick.

Want your company to be synonymous with elegance and good taste?  If you have the budget, consider high quality lighters, fountain pens, golf sets, automatic corkscrews, fancy pocketknives, bottles of wine, cigars, fine leather items, watches, and jewelry.

To be truly memorable, consider using a promotional product that is goofy or creative.  Whoopee cushions, talking toys, slippers, bubbles, and other gag or novelty items will make your promotional product unforgettable.  Use a pun or catchy phrase to highlight your business.

The only drawback to imaginative or wacky items is that they may not be as useful (and therefore lasting) as more traditional products, like pens and staplers.  If you promoting an event or short-term marketing campaign, a promotional product that is catchy and inventive might be the way to go, even if it eventually gets tossed in the trash.

A great idea is to customize your promotional product to reflect the values or theme of your company.  This will appeal to your target customer while reinforcing your business’s dedication to its field.  A solar company might give out eco friendly shopping bags or notebooks with recycled paper to emphasize their commitment to sustainable living.  A travel agency might order luggage tags or binoculars to give their customers a useful item while traveling.

You can also take a traditional promotional product and reinvent it with a simple twist.  Add a funny quote to a coffee cup, in addition to your logo.  Add a funny tassel to the end of your promotional pen.  The possibilities are endless.

The bottom line: Try to find something useful and enjoyable for your customer, and something that also reflects the values of your business.

Janet Hill Jackson

Gratitude Marketing Specialist

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