The essence of niche marketing is to create a unique solution for a market that is overlooked or not served at all. The market must be big enough for you to make a living, but not so big that everyone will want a piece of it. You need to listen and study the needs of the market. If your solution is on the mark, the market will reward you with referrals and will willingly pay higher prices.

Please meet “The Original BALLBAG Company”. Founder, Doug Rugg, carried the idea around with him to manufacture and sell his unique bags from a childhood experience. As a child in Orange County, California, there were many sunny days to be out on a basketball court in the summer and after school. Each day, he would ride his bike to the Boy’s Club to shoot hoops. His mode of transportation, his bike, was great – except when trying to get home with a drink in one hand and a basketball in the other. His problem played out one day as he lost his balance and crashed his bike into a parked car.

That memory stayed with him, and he knew the answer was in a small carrier for his single basketball that he could use as a backpack, or over the shoulder, hands free bag. He conceived the idea for this product as a natural progression from the original concept of the backpack. The Original BALLBAG is a form fitted stylish carrier for your sports ball and accessories. Unlike a bulky duffle bag or backpack that is not made for sports balls, The Original Ballbag carries your sports ball comfortably out of your way allowing you the use of both your arms. The Original Ballbag also incorporates a mechanism, which allows you to attach several Ballbags together for the added convenience of carrying multiple balls securely without any distraction.

What I love about this product is its sincerity. I was just like Doug on my “stingray” bicycle peddling to and from school to shoot hoops. About half the time I dropped my ball or my drink (sometimes both). The BALLBAG was based on a real need for real people who could not get what they wanted from the market. Doug Rugg delivered the solution and he is reaping the rewards of being a niche market super star.

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