One important part of a public relations effort is the compilation of a press kit. A press kit provides summary information about the company for the media. That info could include recent press releases, a company backgrounder, bios of key executives, product specifications, and anything else the media might need to know about the company.

Traditionally, this material comes in a glossy folder for mailing or in-person delivery. Today, more often than not, the press kit comes as a soft copy via email or on a flash drive. Most companies have both printed and e-copy versions available.

In a nutshell, a press kit needs the following items:

1. Company Backgrounder: This backgrounder can be written in essay form or can be a bulleted listing. It should describe the products and/or services your company provides, as well as the primary benefit you offer the customer. Be sure to include all the basics such as company name, address, phone, email, fax, website, key executives, and key contacts. Consider this an executive summary and presume that no one will read the other materials in the kit.

2. Profiles: Biographies of key executives in your company will add a personal feel to the kit. Depending on the size of the company, resumes and photos may be appropriate. Otherwise, brief bio sheets may be best appropriate.

3. Recent Press Releases: This is a no brainer, but you should include only newsworthy, recent releases. Old news will just be tossed or deleted. Be sure to print these press releases on letterhead.

4. Testimonials or User Reviews: This inclusion may be or may not be appropriate depending on your industry. Your testimonials must be credible if not rock solid. Third party opinion will be worth far more than your own boasting, so consider using customer feedback to promote your offering.

5. Brochures: Donít over do it, but a few up-to-date product brochures can be included.

Honestly, you donít want to include much more than this since the call to action is for the media to contact you for an interview or to ask questions. Public Relations is all about relationships with the media and not about shipping paper or data.

John Bradley Jackson
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