Niche marketing can take on many forms with the basic foundation being that the solution provides for an overlooked or underserved customer segment. How about a Seattle-based bar that serves food and lets you do your laundry at the same time?

So ingenious we wish we’d thought of it first. If you’re in town for a while and your laundry is piling up, bring it down to this Belltown gem, shove it in the washing machine and shout up a cocktail or a beer or a burger while you wait. Part laundromat, part cafe, part club, part cocktail bar, it’s full of low tables on linoleum floors, red-vinyl chairs and stools propping up the long bar and a selection of local artists‚ works on the walls. The club is next door, and grungy dress-down staff will deliver snacks like cheeseburgers and panini sandwiches to your table. Bring your ID though because the bloke on the door didn’t believe we were over 21.

Check it out.

Sit ‘n’ Spin
2219 Fourth Ave Belltown
Seattle, WA 98121
Telephone: 001 206 441 9484

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