Mobile devices are quickly being adopted by consumers. The Nielsen Company provides a view of the device usage and audiences in the U.S for 2010.

* Number of Mobile Phone Users (13+): 228M
* Percentage of U.S. Mobile Subscribers with Smartphones: 31%
* Number of mobile phone web users: 83.2M

Why this matters is pretty simple. People are spending more time looking at small screens (mobile devices such as smartphones) and less time looking at larger screens such TVs or PCs. If you advertise, practice e-mail marketing, or use social media, you must consider how your message is viewed on the tiny screens.

Most marketing messages are built for the bigger screen and won’t show well on the small format of a smartphone. Thus, your new marketing efforts must be designed to fit this smaller format. This includes your website. I would guess about 98% of the websites in use today are not built for mobile usage — I am not exaggerating.

Get the picture?

John Bradley Jackson
Deja New Marketing
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  1. Ryan

    Agree! This is a big problem for users and potential consumers (even so relevant as I am typing this comment on an iPhone!)

    Another thing to consider is that while many companies are creating mobile sites and mobile ads, they do not always translate well just because it goes to mobile format. Consider a separate ad for mobile that delivers the same message, but is designed for mobile. Also many mobile sites have little functionality… Things to consider.

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