Innovative products need to be marketed and sold differently than other offerings since they require a special customer who is receptive to innovation. Most customers are skeptical and will wait until innovative products are mass marketed.

Here are a few suggestions on how to market innovative products:

• Not everyone will understand the need for the innovation. They will need to be educated about the problem. Think of it from their perspective—why should they care? Help them understand the problem that needs to be solved and how your product addresses that problem.
• Explain how your product is different. People buy things because of the differences not because it is the same. If your
offering is truly innovative, this won’t be a problem.
• Be authentic. Customers are drawn to sellers who believe in the offerings. Your enthusiasm will be contagious and appealing. If you fake it, they will see right through you.
• Position your product as a high-quality alternative. Innovation and quality make great companion benefits. Take the high road.
• Consider the impact of premium pricing. People are aware that innovative solutions cost more. Price the offering based on value.

Innovative products need a customer who appreciates the value of the new product. Don’t waste your time on the late adopters or laggards—they will only buy when they have no other alternative.

Instead look for the innovative buyer or early adopter. Truly innovative buyers leave tracks. They buy other innovative products and visit leading edge websites. The good news is that they will seek you out since they are always on the hunt for the next new thing—so make a lot of noise so that they can find you.

John Bradley Jackson
© Copyright 2008 All rights reserved.

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