For many products and services, the field is cluttered with similar or the same alternatives. When that is the case, marketing is reduced to a war of price and delivery—this translates into low margins and fickle customers.

For example, seemingly every real estate agent in the country markets his or her self as the top selling agent in the city, county, or country. They refer to themselves as a “million dollar producer” or the “top agent for 2008”. Besides sending the same message as virtually everyone else, the message is not believable—how can all agents be the top producer?

Instead, market your uniqueness or your special knowledge and skills. If you are a real estate agent and have expertise in horse properties, that makes you very unique. The horse property buyer wants a real estate agent who understands their special equestrian needs such as knowledge of livestock zoning laws, location and access to equestrian trails, and the need for a large, flat parcel (horses prefer not to climb hillsides!).

This specialized message about your knowledge or skills is testimony of your distinctive competencies, which are the foundation elements of your competitive advantage. By focusing on a unique market segment, it actually becomes easier to sell your product or service. In turn, your special skills create satisfied customers who will happily refer you to others. Satisfied customers often will also pay a premium for a great product and service. And, so it goes.

Celebrate your uniqueness not your sameness.

John Bradley Jackson
© Copyright 2009 All rights reserved.

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