We all like to feel appreciated.  Think of the last time someone did something unexpectedly nice for you, “just because”.  It probably made you feel great.  And here’s a secret: it made the other person feel good, too!

So, want to feel terrific while simultaneously making someone else’s day?  Here are ____ inexpensive (or free!) ways to express your appreciation for someone, whether it’s your spouse, family member, neighbor, coworker, friend, or even a stranger.

  1. Take donuts or another treat to work for your co-workers.
  2. Wash your spouse’s car.
  3. Surprise someone by taking them to dinner and a movie.
  4. Hand-write a letter or card with a sincere, positive message.*
  5. Leave a love note in your spouse’s pocket, or another place where they’ll find it when you’re not around.
  6. Pick up someone’s favorite treat from the grocery store.
  7. Call someone who lives far away and who would love to hear from you.
  8. Offer to go out for a drink with someone.
  9. Leave a kind message on a mirror with a dry erase marker.
  10. Surprise someone on their half-birthday.
  11. Compliment someone on a physical feature or outfit choice.
  12. Take care of an unpleasant chore you know they hate (like taking out the trash or cleaning the cat litter box).
  13. Run an errand, like dry cleaning or grocery shopping.
  14. Offer to baby-sit or house-sit (but only if you mean it!)
  15. Compliment someone on something they do well (be specific!)
  16. Give out water bottles on a hot day (especially if someone is doing yard work or something physically draining).
  17. Open the door and smile for a stranger.
  18. Tip generously, and add a kind note if possible.
  19. Clean up the house without any prompting.
  20. Let someone else pick the movie at the theater.
  21. Give a gift certificate to a store/restaurant someone likes.
  22. Offer to help with any major project (like moving, etc).
  23. Make their favorite meal for dinner.
  24. At a friend’s house, offer to do the dishes or another household task.
  25. Or, simply someone how much (and why) you appreciate them!

These little things can make a world of difference, especially if you or someone else is having a bad day.  Even if you think people know you appreciate them, show them anyway!

Janet Hill Jackson

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