Ever wondered what is going on in the heads of top sales people? Like most high achievers, top sales people manage their thoughts with discipline and optimism. They do things differently from the rest of the team.

– They plan to win. For a top sales person, losing is not an option. They visualize success. They have a positive dialog with themselves. They avoid negative thoughts.
– They make this intention to win a public testimony. They tell others about their intentions and commit to winning publicly.
– They focus on the needs of the customer and not themselves. Rather than focusing on commissions or themselves, top sales people think about the customer’s needs and issues. They understand that selling is all about the buyer.
– They take action. They take the first step and push themselves to make the next call. Sometimes, the difference between good and great is just one more phone call. They don’t hesitate.
– They don’t make excuses. If they make mistakes, they admit them privately and publicly. Yet, they don’t dwell on them. Top sales people are optimists and feel that problems are fixable.
– They self advocate. When they need help they ask for it. Unlike low achievers who try to hide their weaknesses, top sales people confront them and ask for support or guidance.
– They track their progress. Top sales people always know what they have sold year-to-date, how many calls they have made, and how this compares to last year. They often keep detailed records far beyond the organization’s normal tracking requirements.
– They don’t give up. They don’t understand failure or apathy. Top sales people are focused and know that by being persistent that they will hit their goals. Don’t get in their way.
– They reward themselves. Company rewards and kudos are great, but top sales people also reward themselves when they hit their goals. I know one sales person that gave himself a Friday round of golf every time he hit plan for the month.
– They defend themselves. They are prideful and will stand up for what is right. They will fiercely defend their territory and actions.

John Bradley Jackson
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