According to marketing guru Seth Godin, if there are 2 million Google matches for a search, the number one match gets 10,000 times more traffic as the number 40 match in the search. What this means is that if you don’t make it to the first 2 pages of a search, you won’t be found.

Given this challenge how do you drive traffic to your website? Let me count the ways:

Lots of fresh content- Nothing creates traffic better than relevant and new content which is routinely added to a site.

Blogs- One of the best ways to keep a website updated.

Forums- Helps make a site relevant and fresh.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) – Also known as Google Adwords, PPC advertisements are short ads listed on the right side of a page of search results. The ad placement is determined by key words which are purchased in a bidding process.

Off-line advertising- Placing your URL on brochures, billboards, signs, direct mailers, etc

Article marketing- Short topic articles submitted to article submission websites which distribute and sell the articles to e-zines.

SEO- Search engine optimization which is the “under hood” use of Meta tags and design elements which create a higher search ranking. Title tags should be 60 or so characters. Header tags are numbered from 1 to 7. These tags function like street addresses for the search engines.

Keywords- Add no more than 10-15 keywords per page to keep the search engines attention; any more and the same search engines will flag your site for keyword spamming. Prioritize your words. Great copy is more important than keywords.

Banner advertising- Online ads purchased on other websites which link to your website.

Sponsored Links- Similar to PPC, but listed at the top of a search result.

Reciprocal links- Shared links between two sites.

Triangulated links- A common third party link shared by two other sites.

Be sure to use multiple methods to drive traffic to your site since individual methods fall in and out of favor. For example, PPC has been the rage for the last 18 months, but recently it has been criticized for increasing click fraud. Don’t put all your clicks in one basket.

John Bradley Jackson
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  1. Sam

    Article marketing is an awesome technique I use frequently to drive good quality traffic. Write good articles and submit them to publishers like ezines and newsletters and the traffic will come.

    Remember to build a big list of publishers to submit your articles too and vary up those resource boxes!


  2. Sam,

    Yes, I am a big believer in article marketing.

    Please explain your comment “vary the resource box”.



  3. micheelgeorge

    Developing a web site and then letting it grow is like planting a tree and then nurturing it. You need to take care at every step from start to infinity. Only launching a website is not sufficient, promotional activities need to be taken to locate target audiences and then for reaching to them. You will have to make sure that your presence is felt by the entire world.

    Internet marketing

  4. Micheel,

    Well said. A great website which no ones knows about is a pity.


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