Getting found on the Internet is what really matters in web marketing. No matter how great your offering is, you are nowhere if they cannot find you. To be found you need “rank” and “frequency”.

According to marketing writer Seth Godin, when there are 2 million Google matches for a search, the number one match gets 10,000 times more traffic as the number 40. With an average of 10 search results per page, this means you literally must be found on the first page of the search results. This is called “rank”.

“Frequency” is the number of times you are found in a search. For instance, do a Google search for “Pepsi” which is a unique brand name; be sure to filter it by putting quotation marks (i.e. “”) outside the word Pepsi. On the first page of the search results you will see that Pepsi gets multiple matches or hits. Thus, the searcher sees the brand name multiple times which increases brand awareness.

Getting both rank and frequency is done by doing web marketing basics well. They include:

1. Article Marketing- Submitting articles for distribution by article directories which published on e-zines.
2. Blogging- Frequency of blog submissions will please the search engine spiders.
3. Pay-per-click advertising- This costs real money, but it works.
4. Keywords- Writing with words that searchers will use to found you.
5. Meta Tags- “Under the hood” web code which is used by the spiders to remember where you are.
6. Fresh Website Content- Maybe the number one criteria in the search engine algorithms.
7. Linking- Sharing links with other sites that list your site.
8. Relevance- Offering something that people want. Duh.
9. Web directories- Getting registered on all pertinent directories, paid or not.

While there may be many other web marketing best practices, if you do these I can nearly guarantee that your website will get both rank and frequency.

And, you will be found.

John Bradley Jackson
© Copyright 2008 All rights reserved.

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