For many, the new economy of 2009 is limiting personal options, or so it seems. You know what I mean. We have always had the equity in our home, the cash in our IRA or 401K, and maybe some savings. Well, I guess we can scratch that now.

I suppose for some moving to Hawaii and opening a surf shop was the long term plan. Maybe it was leaving corporate and buying a small business. My personal “Plan B” has always been to cash out and go live in the woods and chop wood.

With the banks choosing not to lend and our tax deferred savings down by 40%, we should reconsider options. But, let’s not abandon them. How about we review and reinvent them?

The greater question becomes what really matters? Why are you on this planet? What is your purpose? Luckily there is no perfect path. There is only your path. It is for you to discover and live.

So, find your path and get going.

John Bradley Jackson
© Copyright 2009 All rights reserved.

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