A surprising large percentage of e-mail messages don’t make it to your target recipient when you conduct a large e-mail campaign. Most are snared by spam filters, fire walls, and some are eliminated by the delete key without being opened. The reasons for this high e-mail mortality rate are many.

The first and most deadly reason is a poor subject line. If the subject line looks like spam or a sales pitch, the message is history. This is particularly true for e-mails sent to busy executives at large corporations. Safely hidden behind their IT infrastructure, they are shielded from e-mails from people like you. Avoid the use of any spam-like words such as “free”, “discount”, “Viagra”, etc in your subject line, since your e-mails won’t get through the spam filters.

Another reason for e-mails getting bounced is using a large list with bad or old e-mails addresses. As it turns out, Internet Service Providers look for this “evidence of spam” and will block the e-mails. This is a real incentive for you to keep your lists clean; additionally, a bad list will make your results look artificially low.

If you are a notorious sender of unwanted e-mail campaigns, firms can label you as a spammer and block your campaigns. This could include spammers, ex-employees, and marketers that become a nuisance. If this is true consider using another e-mail address or try another method such as direct mail.

The best way to get your e-mail opened is to use a subject line that is personalized. It can be as simple as putting the recipient’s name in the subject or a word or phrase that is meaningful to the recipient. Conversely, never put your name or product name in the e-mail unless you know the recipient personally; otherwise, this is just another reason to hit the delete key. The subject line must be compelling, about the recipient or the recipient’s issues, and must have a call to action to open the e-mail.

Remember it is all about them.

John Bradley Jackson
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