In the age of Twitter and pandemic-like Adult ADD, it is increasing important to be able to describe who you are or what you do in a few short words or phrases. The words chosen must quickly communicate your value proposition, be search friendly, and fit within the short space allowed.

For instance, on Twitter you are allowed to post a 160 choice words about you or your business in a space called a bio.  Candidly, this is harder to do than it sounds. Questions to ponder:

  • Common or clever words?
  • Just business or personal info?
  • Blog and/or website URL? (there is a space for that already)
  • One message or many?

My friend Jeanne Hopkins lists the following for her Twitter bio:

“Digital Marketing Mashup of Inbound, Search, Social, Content & Paid Media for Superlative Lead Gen to Feed the Hungry Mouths @HubSpot” —- Her bio says that she is hip to web & social media stuff. Note that she has a call to action.

My Twitter bio reads as:

“Have words will travel: Author of Deja New Marketing & First, Best, or Different, Professor & Director of CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship, & Speaker” —- A modestly clever twist of a phrase, says some of things that I do,  and no call to action. I ran out of space!

What does your Twitter bio say?

John Bradley Jackson

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  1. Mine’s short, but not so clever:

    Director of Greg Jordan Design. Also a flying and photography enthusiast.

  2. aJwitaFrO

    I blog about Afro textured hair care. My Twitter bio is:

    “Hello my name is aJ, I blog, I vlog. Rawr”

    I’m tired of all these “professional” looking ones, be different!

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