Take it or Leave it

Maybe the most aggressive tactic for a negotiator to take is to say “take it or leave it”; this stance is cocky, unequivocal, and mean. Aggressive negotiators use this tactic because weaker negotiators give in and it works. Yet, many times it is just a bluff.
This tactic sends a strong signal that the aggressive party has a strong BATNA (i.e. other options if this agreement does not come together). At least that is what they want to believe. They will say things like, “This is the best I can do. You can take it or leave it”. Frequently, they will also have a short deadline for you to respond, which is yet another aggressive tactic. They will say, “I need your answer by 5 PM today”.

Cherry Picking: An Aggressive Negotiation Tactic

You submitted your proposal to your customer two weeks ago and reluctantly presented it with line-item detail like the bid required; you also submitted a package price. Finally, you sit down with the grim-faced buyer, who pronounces the pricing too high by citing lower line-item prices from the competition. “If want the business, you need to lower your prices,” declares the buyer. This is called cherry picking.