Customers Know Too Much

With the proliferation of the Internet, along with blogs, wikis, social networks, and online communities, buyers today are making superior purchase decisions based on information that is now readily available. Gone are the good old days when buyers depended on their sales people to educate them on the products and services. This new found purchasing sophistication applies to both B2B markets and B2C markets.

Let’s Play Good Cop/Bad Cop

A very common and very effective negotiating tactic is called “Good Cop/Bad Cop”. This tactic involves two or more negotiators who work as a team. The good cop seems sympathetic to your interests and tends to be a good listener; additionally, the good cop tends to provide information and often tries to explain the position and interests of his or her team. The good cop seems to value the relationship with you and wants to preserve the relationship for the future.

Bribes and Gifts

A recent study by Transparency International, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending global corruption, surveyed 11,000 business executives. The survey studied the business ethics of the world’s top 30 exporting countries. The end result of the study as a stacked ranking of the nations most likely to offer bribes.