Measuring Twitter ROI

Twitter is a waste of time.

Or, is it a an efficient tool for public relations?

Blogger and copywriter Bob Bly has created a crude metric for measuring whether Twitter is getting you results or just wasting your time—it is called Followed-to-Follow (FF) Ratio.

Check it out:

John Bradley Jackson

Author Interviewed on Radio

I was interviewed on the Jason Hartman Radio Show which is syndicated across the globe. The subject was entrepreneurial marketing and my book “First, Best, or Different”. To hear the show, visit The segment is called “#112 – Unique Financing & Loan Modification Programs and Profitable Entrepreneurial Marketing” and my interview is second 30…

To Trust or Not

“Better to trust and be disappointed once in a while, than it is to distrust & be miserable all the time” – Coach John Wooden A common definition of trust is when you rely on the integrity, strength, or ability of another person—it is an expression of our confidence in others. Occasionally, we just feel…

He Was a Total Idiot

A British teenager who was found dehydrated and freezing after 12 wintry days lost in Australia’s wilderness said he wrote farewell notes to his family and expected to die of starvation. Jamie Neale, 19, told Australia’s “60 Minutes” television program Sunday that he was “a total idiot” to venture unprepared into the Blue Mountains, 60…