The collective works of fiction writer, James Patterson, have now sold over a million books as e-copies.

AOL reports that “Patterson’s publishing company, The Hachette Book Group, claims that his novels have now moved 1.14 million copies in electronic form, making him the first author to sell over 1 million e-copies of his books.”

Patterson’s milestone tells you, that despite all the hype about e-books, it is still an emerging format. The author has written 65 books and is an e-book enthusiast.

Also interesting is that the author has his own publishing firm. Self published e-book sales like this are not verifiable by a third party such as with an online book reseller like Amazon. The typical self published author chooses to publish on his or her own for control of the marketing process and for increased profit margins.

Patterson’s success seems a great endorsement for both e-books and self publishing.

Source: by Terrence O’Brien — Jul 7th 2010 AOL

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